Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life Update

Hello my sweet friends, it has been sometime since my last post and I am not quite sure where to begin.  This year has been filled with interesting journeys.

I lost one of my best friends (Kim) to leukemia in April and finalized my divorce in August.  Needless to say, through prayer and support from everyone around me, I have been able to pull through these and other things in my life.  My friend that passed away with Leukemia is the person that got me started in crafting.  She was a great woman and an awesome inspiration to me.  Kim was the type of woman that always had a smile on her face and made you believe that you could do anything as long as you tired.  I miss her everyday and have not really been able to get back to crafting since her passing.  I guess it is my way of mourning her absence.  I really do love crafting and have every intention in getting back into it, but might need a little more time.

As for my divorce, I guess I knew this day would eventually come due to so many issues in my 20 year marriage.  I was really anxious about it and did not know what life would be as a single woman again.  But through prayer and support of some very good friends in my life, I have actually started to do things I never thought would be possible.  

In July 2012 I went in for my annual physical and my doctor told me I was border line diabetic and showed signs of issues with my arteries.  Having been previously diagnosed with HBP, and weighing in at 160 pounds and only being 5'3 things were not in my favor of being healthy.  So that was the kick in the butt that I needed to get serious about my health and take my life back.  After all I have a beautiful daughter to take care of.

I began working out 4 to 5 days a week about 30 minutes each and slowly began to up the intensity and time spent doing my exercises.  I also changed the way I cooked and ate.  Believe it or not I completely gave up sodas and sweets.  Trust me when I say this was not easy, but very necessary for me.

I have lost 15 pounds and went from a size 10 to a size 8.  Working out and eating right is actually part of my life now and I totally enjoy it.  It actually feels really strange when I miss a workout....I know....I know...everyone says that...but trust me ladies it is the absolute truth.

I have even set up a goal for myself to participate in the Spartan Sprint May 2012 in Texas.  This is a 4 mile obstacle course that looks pretty serious -- but I figured I have plenty of time to loose a little more weight and build up a strong body in order to compete in this awesome event.  I will be posting some pictures along the way.

Take care and may God Bless you -- Gracie

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interesting Journey

Hello all my crafty friends.  I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have been very busy with homecoming, college visits and applications.  It has been an interesting journey filled with lots of ups and downs.  Of course plenty of ups for Gabby as she prepares to spread her wings and fly from the nest.  As for me I am truly excited for her, but very scared to completely let her go.

Most of you whom follow my blog know that she is the beat to my heart and of course I am a big cry baby when I think about having an empty home soon.  I suppose that is semi selfish on my part, but what is a mother to do.

Luckily her top college choice is right here in Texas.  Now we are just keeping our fingers crossed for some great scholarships.

Here are a few photos from her Homecoming dinner, as well as a few from college road trips.

God Bless you all ~ Gracie

Monday, November 14, 2011

CDAC Progressive Challenge - Series 6

Here is my 2nd digital image for the CDAC Progressive Challenge. This has been very enjoyable journey and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful challenge.  Come and visit us over at the Crafters Digital Art Center and see what new challenges the terrific team will come up with next.  Hope to see you there.

This is an adorable digital image that was created by Designed 2 Delight.  Thanks so much for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment. 

Take Care and God Bless ~ Gracie

CDAC Progressive Challenge - Series 6

I can not believe that we are finally at the end of the CDAC Progressive Challenge.  I have had a wonderful time using my copics and making new friends at the CDAC.  As well as, being able to receive such wonderful digi images, such as this one from Daisy Doodles.  

This is a file folder mini album I created using a letter size file folder and designer papers from echo park.  I think it turned out super cute and was a cinch to create.

Take Care and God Bless ~ Gracie

Monday, October 31, 2011

CDAC Progressive Challenge - Series 5

Here is the 2nd image I colored from the CDAC progressive challenge.  Since the ladies over at the CDAC kicked up a notch and asked us to use the cool spectrum of the color wheel, I decided to go BLUE.  This image was created by SSBS Design and I just love how this card turned out.

Take care and God Bless ~ Gracie

CDAC Progressive Challenge - Series 5

Hello everyone I am back with CDAC progressive challenge #5.  Wow we just have one more to go!  I can not believe how much fun this has been.  My first image is a real cute one created by Digis by Phooka .  The ladies over at CDAC decided to throw a curve ball into the mix and challenged us to create our images using the cool spectrum on the color wheel.  This was a lot harder than I thought, but I gave it a shot.  I hope you like what I came up with.

Take care and God Bless ~ Gracie

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CDAC Progressive Challenge - Series 4

Here is my 2nd creation in the CDAC Progressive challenge series 4.  This Dragon Girl image was created by Delicious Doodles Digital Stamps. This image is very mystical, just loved coloring her and the baby dragons.

Take Care and God Bless ~ Gracie